NYSC Development Practice Residency Programme

NYSC Residency in Development Practice

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The NYSC Residency in Development Practice is a 3-month multidisciplinary professional programme which positions recent graduates as international development entry-level professionals. This programme prepares you to better identify and address the challenges of extreme poverty and sustainable development through hands-on, experiential learning.

Images of unused donor-funded agricultural machinery rusting in a field, or stories of the most advantaged people in a community benefiting from a development programme or hoarded COVID-19 palliatives are common clichรฉs of the failures of development programmes to take account of local contexts when trying to change them. This calls for the training of young development practitioners domiciled in underserved communities.

We provide challenging assignments, and participants are expected to possess maturity, character, initiative and self-reliance as well as problem solving skills. As a Development Practice Resident, you receive tailored training, guidance and real responsibility from the beginning, quickly becoming an invaluable candidate in the NGO/nonprofit sector.

This programme is delivered in English and available for NYSC members only. We are an equal opportunity and affirmative organization so women are strongly encouraged to apply to this programme.

System Requirements

  • Valid email account. Participants will be required to register with their valid personal email accounts and phone numbers.
  • Participants will need regular access to a computer or android device. High speed broadband connectivity is highly recommended for optimal interactive experience.
  • Collaboration Tools: Microsoft Teams Virtual Work Environment (VWE) available on Google Play Store.
  • Software: Prerequisite data analysis course may have additional software requirements. This include SPSS or R. We provide these packages and technical assistance during installation.
  • Web Browser and PDF Reader: Firefox or Chrome and Adobe Acrobat.


  • Gain extensive knowledge of global development delivered by experienced practitioners drawn from a variety of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), international organisations, consultancies, think tanks and academic institutions.
  • Become proficient in development research techniques from a practical point of view.
  • Confirms mastery of skillset and industry principles and best practices.
  • Boost your career confidence and expand your professional network.
  • Free professional CV writing services by our advisory team which consists of senior M&E officers, field supervisors, data scientists, and alumni interns and research fellows with years of experience delivering international development programmes.
  • Support your applications to fully-funded scholarships offered by universities, foreign governments and international organizations that support development-related studies.
  • Receive the IDR authorized certificate of graduate internship endorsed by the Society of International Development Washington, DC Chapter.


  • A First Look at Global Development
  • Data Sources in International Development
  • How to Break into International Development
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Research Methodology for Development
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Exploring Opportunities in the Development Sector
  • Project Management in International Development
  • Template Development
  • Communication for Development
  • Baseline, Midterm and Endline Survey
  • GIS Mapping for Development Projects
  • Programme Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Developing RFPs
  • ICT for Development
  • Data Science for Social Good
  • Artificial Intelligence for International Development
  • Future of Development Aid
  • Term Paper

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why the NYSC Development Practice Residency Programme?

International development is a very broad sector encompassing a huge range of organizations and job roles. Entry-level applicants need to be proactive, determined and flexible. You do not necessarily need to have a Master’s degree in development to ‘do development’. Most employers will look for at least six months and up to two years experience. This is so you can demonstrate practical knowledge of the sector. Be aware that getting opportunities ‘in the field’ can be difficult for new graduates especially those without prior experience and internship positions in this sector are very limited and difficult to secure. The NYSC Development Practice Residency Programme provides you tailored training, guidance and real responsibility from the beginning, quickly preparing you for entry-level positions in the international development sector.

What is the mode of this residency programme?

Residents will be in the network of Dataville Research and will be able to make original contributions that tackles the complex and persistent challenges of poverty and development. They will continue to work in their current positions and various locations, but will interact with Dataville’s Institute for Development Research as a part of the Residency programme.

Is this programme affiliated to nysc.gov.ng?

No. This development programme is a sole initiative of Dataville Research LLC implemented by Nairobi-based international social enterprise – Advance Global South.

Can non-NYSC members apply to this programme?

No. This programme is available for NYSC members only currently serving across various locations in Nigeria. However, non-NYSC graduates may apply to our remote internship in international development: https://datavillegroup.com/graduate-internship/

How is this programme funded?

This novel professional programme does not receive any external funding for any of its activities. Hence, as a matter of policy, selected participants will be required to pay NGN 5500 as part of the operating costs for this 3-month residency in development practice.

Further enquires?

For further enquiries, please send a mail to residency@datavillegroup.com or request a call back from one of our programme advisors: https://datavillegroup.com/call-back-request/

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