Country Office

C21 Aviation Estate, Airport Road, Abuja-Nigeria Email: headoffice@datavillegroup.com
Phone: (+234) 812 222 2799
Fax: (+234) 812 222 2799
Skype: DatavilleLLC

Field Offices

Jos Maiduguri Lagos Calabar

Central Africa Regional Office

Quartier Chagoua Rue 5210, N’Djamena, Chad Email: c.alban@datavillegroup.com

Eastern Africa Regional Office

74007 Plainview, South A, Nairobi, Kenya Email: b.omani@datavillegroup.com

Northern Africa Regional Office

15 Street el Kehna-Hamma, Ben Arous, Tunisia Email: y.amna@datavillegroup.com

Southern Africa Regional Office

1332 Main-way Meadows, Harare, Zimbabwe Email: d.makufa@datavillegroup.com

Western Africa Regional Office

DC 203, Dansoman Drive, Accra, Ghana Email: j.kofi@datavillegroup.com

Middle East & Asia-Pacific Regional Office

201, Sterling Garden, Hebbal Bangalore, India Email: k.singh@datavillegroup.com

European Union Regional Office

Northfield Block 50C, Sussex, United Kingdom Email: p.john@datavillegroup.com

North America Regional Office

330 Roy Harper Avenue, Ontario, Canada Email: e.matt@datavillegroup.com

Latin America Regional Office

Avenida Gonçalo 2314 Port Prince, Sergipe, Brazil Email: u.borges@datavillegroup.com
Field Office Appointment System

Our diverse regional representatives offer limited information and client support that supplement those we provide in-house and web portals. Our field offices do not allow walk-ins. You must have an appointment to visit an office.