Graduate Internship in International Development (Registration deadline: June 30, 2024)

Remote Internship in International Development

Remote internship

International development is a popular career destination for many young people. Graduates can be found working in this field in a variety of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), international organisations, consultancies, think tanks and academic institutions.

As a graduate remote intern at Dataville Research, you receive tailored training, guidance and real responsibility from the beginning, quickly becoming an invaluable candidate in the global development sector.

Increasingly, international development jobs in developing countries are undertaken by nationals from those countries. This calls for the training of entry-level development practitioners working in policy development, developing donor relations and delivering aid on the ground. Our programmes have achieved regional and global recognition as a result of our commitment to curricular innovations, community and international partnerships.

No prior experience is required. All participants will need a computer or an android device, some familiarity with Windows and internet connectivity. At the end of this programme, participants should be well grounded in the rudiments of international development in developing countries, development research and programme implementation of donor-funded projects.

This programme is delivered in English only. We are an equal opportunity and affirmative organization so women are strongly encouraged to apply to this programme.

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Who Should Attend

  • Volunteers and entry-level professionals in the humanitarian and development sector from developing and developed countries.
  • Young graduates wanting to break into the international development sector.
  • Individuals with a technical background interested in improving their knowledge and skills.
  • Individuals with no technical background interested in exploring careers in global development.
  • Postgraduate students from the Global South.


  • Gain extensive knowledge of global development delivered by experienced practitioners drawn from a variety of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), international organisations, consultancies, think tanks and academic institutions.
  • Become proficient in development research techniques from a practical point of view.
  • Confirms mastery of skillset and industry principles and best practices.
  • Boost your career confidence and expand your professional network.
  • Remote interns with outstanding academic records will be engaged in our Statistical Consulting Center’s activities and receive stipends.
  • Gain edge over a significant number of fully-funded scholarships offered by universities, foreign governments and international organizations that support development-related studies.
  • Receive the IDR authorized certificate of graduate internship endorsed by the Society of International Development Washington, DC Chapter.


  • A First Look at Global Development
  • Data Sources in International Development
  • How to Break into International Development
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Research Methodology for Development
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Exploring Opportunities in the Development Sector
  • Project Management in International Development
  • Template Development
  • Communication for Development
  • Baseline, Midterm and Endline Survey
  • GIS Mapping for Development Projects
  • Programme Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Developing RFPs
  • ICT for Development
  • Data Science for Social Good
  • Artificial Intelligence for International Development
  • Future of Development Aid
  • Term Paper

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why the graduate internship programme in international development?

International development is a very broad sector encompassing a huge range of organizations and job roles. Entry-level applicants need to be proactive, determined and flexible. You do not necessarily need to have a Master’s degree in development to ‘do development’. Most employers will look for at least six months and up to two years experience. This is so you can demonstrate practical knowledge of the sector. Be aware that getting opportunities ‘in the field’ can be difficult for new graduates especially those without prior experience and internship positions in this sector are very limited and difficult to secure. Dataville Research LLC’s remote internship programme provides you tailored training, guidance and real responsibility from the beginning, quickly preparing you for entry-level positions in the international development sector.

What is the mode of this internship programme?

Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to provide positions for in-house internship in our various offices across Africa. However, we are pleased to announce the commencement of our exciting and innovative virtual internship programme where the participant (intern) gains simulated field experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at any of Dataville Research offices.

Do I need to have experience in the development sector?

No prior experience is required. However, selected participants will need a computer, some familiarity with Windows and internet connectivity. The main target audience for this remote internship is international development prospects who will be directly implementing and evaluating programmes. Because of this, we generally stay away from very theoretical and academic content and opinion pieces that discuss problems without providing any practical solutions. A strong emphasis is placed on experiential learning, meaning that interns will be learning through the implementation of key phases of work in this internship.

What are the important dates in this programme?

June 3, 2024:
Application opens

June 30, 2024:
Application closes

July 1, 2024:
Notification of successful applicants

July 1, 2024, – July 14, 2024:
• Batch enrollment of remote interns on EasyClass Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
• Creation of LinkedIn profile
• Familiarity tour of co-interns
• Installation of SPSS software

July 15, 2024:
Commencement of remote internship activities

August 15, 2024:
End of programme and issuance of certificate of internship and letter of accomplishment

**Please note that these dates are subject to modification if required.

Why is there a fee for this programme?

Our virtual internship programme is a professional development, employability enrichment and upskilling program supported by a team of professionals and integrated with multiple technology solutions. The investments we’ve made in our team and programs in turn allow you to have complete confidence in the investment you are making in your future. Hence selected participants will be required to pay NGN 6000 or 23 USD as part of the operating costs.

Further enquires?

For further enquiries, please send a mail to Our Support Team typically respond within 1-3 hours.