Fraud Alert

Please be aware of the unauthorized use of the Dataville Research LLC company name and addresses, staff and consultant names and logos (collectively, “Dataville Research Intellectual Property”).

Fraudulent parties have attempted to defraud individuals and the public at large through the unauthorized use of Dataville Research Intellectual Property on websites falsely identifying such companies to be Dataville Research or to have an affiliation or relationship with Dataville Research. 

Dataville Research LLC operates legitimately to provide our diverse clients and partners specialized solutions with utmost care and professionalism. All our business transactions are done through our web domain ( and corporate bank accounts and not through any person’s personal bank accounts. 

If you receive any communication purportedly from Dataville Research or identifying a website as being affiliated or related to Dataville Research, particularly where you are asked for the payment of money or the website is simply “too-good-to-be-true”; or if there is any doubt as to the authenticity of a website or any communication from or about Dataville Research, please report it to Dataville Research.  

This alert does not affect the obligation of any client or affiliates to pay for services, VAT or similar charges where these are properly payable at the time of delivery.

Dataville Research reserves the right to take legal actions against any person that maybe directly or indirectly involved in this modus operandi to protect Dataville Research’s interest and rights under prevailing laws.