COVID-19: Looming Crisis in Developing Countries Threatens to Devastate Economies and Ramp Up Inequality

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Monrovia, Liberia - September 19, 2014:   Former taxi drivers in Monrovia. Vincent, 24 (in blue) and Junior, 20 (in red), both residents of West Point used to drive motorcycles for a living -- a form of local transport in Liberia used like taxis. After the government banned motorcycles in downtown Monrovia they had to stop. Now, because of Ebola, they can't find any work. They want a job, but no one is hiring so they wait on the side of the street at the entrance of West Point. They are not happy with the government and their response to Ebola. They want a change in leadership. Photo by Morgana Wingard  

Source: Flickr Album ' Ebola Outbreak in West Africa': The Ebola health crisis that has claimed thousands of lives must not be allowed to become a crippling socio-economic crisis as well. Now is the time to ensure these countries can also continue to function and swiftly get back on their feet - see how UNDP is supporting this.  Photo: UNDP/Morgana Wingard

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