Statistical Consulting Center

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Statistical Consulting Center

Our Statistical Consulting Center offers a unique opportunity for researchers to obtain statistical consultation and services on various aspects of research, including research design, instrument development, data management and analysis, interpretation and reporting of results. Our Community include development consultants, think-tanks, academia, national governments, regional organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, private corporations and philanthropies.

We also offer remote internship opportunity for graduate students working towards a Masters or PhD in Statistics, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Econometrics or related field to gain industry-tailored, independently-driven and robust consultancy skills. By being involved in a number of hands-on experiences, you will broaden your knowledge and gain a better understanding of the statistical consulting career path. Click here to apply.

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 Research Planning Tool Development Data Mining Data Collection Sample Size Calculation Interpretation Transcription Report Generation Research Methodology Meta Analysis Statistical Peer Reviewing Data Analysis Statistics Coursework Assistance



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