Development Assistance through Evidence-based Research

survey research has been a cornerstone of our work since inception. Clients
seek out our recognized leadership and multidisciplinary teams of experts in
all aspects of survey science.

support evidence-based decision-making—focusing on the full data lifecycle to
ensure that quality data and information are translated into knowledge and

work on behalf of government agencies, foundations, NGOs, and other clients to
deliver expert technical assistance in support of programs that serve critical
social, economic…

build both simple and complex data processing systems and provide clients
innovative solutions to their data management challenges.

Where We Work

We are active across the African continent and some parts of the Middle East working with a wide range of clients, including international NGOs, national governments, regional organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, private corporations and philanthropies. We are headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria with field offices in Jos, Lagos, Maiduguri, Nairobi, Johannesburg and New Delhi.

Since our inception, we have provided technical assistance in the implementation of more than 120 donor-funded projects across the spectrum of health, education, livelihoods, markets and capacity development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East and North Africa region.
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Development News

16 Dec14:36pm

Opinion: A Call to Boost African Manufacturing for COVID-19 and Other Vaccines

As governments begin to issue the first emergency use authorizations to deploy a COVID-19 vaccine, the world is facing the stark reality that the need for these vaccines far outstrips global production capacity. An estimated 14 billion doses of vaccin[...]

16 Dec14:17pm

While First COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive, Much of the World Will Have to Wait

While the first shots against COVID-19 are rolling out in the United States, Britain and Canada, nearly a quarter of the world’s population likely will not have access to a vaccine until at least 2022, according to a new study.[...]

16 Dec14:11pm

COVID-19 to Add as Many as 150 Million Extreme Poor by 2021 – World Bank Group

Eight out of 10 ‘new poor’ will be in middle-income countries WASHINGTON, Oct. 7, 2020 — Global extreme poverty is expected to rise in 2020 for the first time in over 20 years as the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic[...]

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